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100 Archive calls for communication design projects

Every year the 100 Archive works to capture the zeitgeist of Irish communication design and highlight 100 brilliant communication design projects from both designers in Ireland and Irish designers working overseas.

Submissions for the 2023 selection are currently open to designers at all career stages.

Projects submitted come from the wide range of communication design disciplines (web design, graphic, editorial, typography, ambient media, motion, visual identity, branding, etc.). The Archive recognises the intrinsic value of design projects and houses work completed for national bodies, global corporations, and small businesses, alongside campaigns for social change and communications for cultural events.

As a platform, it serves as a repository for communications design, providing common ground for the design community, allowing peers to share and celebrate each other’s work while preserving the contemporary history of communications design in Ireland.

At the heart of The 100 Archive is an annual selection of one hundred notable communication design projects, chosen by an expert panel to capture the breadth of Irish design and highlight the achievements of the Irish communication design community.

The annual 100 projects selected reflect the work valued by the Irish design community within a particular year which, over time, tells the story of technological and cultural development alongside cultural influences, cross-influences and trends.  Year-over-year, the 100 Archive selections track how design in Ireland changes, impacting and reflecting changes in Irish culture.

The 100 Archive recently renewed its partnership with the National Library of Ireland to further the preservation of Irish website design.  The National Library creates 10 preservation copies of websites from the annual 100 Archive selection, ensuring the integrity of the design at the time it was selected by the 100 Archive panel is maintained, while public access copies are also made available making it easy to see how a website appeared, preserving design work that would otherwise be lost if the website updated or closed.

The 100 Archive platform is also captured and preserved annually by the National Library.

The 100 Archive is an invaluable resource for researchers and the creative communities.  It not only celebrates the work of Irish communication designers from all professional backgrounds, but it also serves as a cultural custodian, working to preserve the history of communications design in Ireland.  The 2022 selection can be viewed at