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FactCheck Knowledge Bank

Equip yourself to be your own FactChecker.

The Journal FactCheck, which has been targeting disinformation in Ireland since 2016, launched a brand new media literacy resource to allow members of the public to be their own fact-checker. The Knowledge Bank helps people to navigate complex news topics that are conversation and debate starters across the country. 

It takes a two-pronged approach to sharing the insights and tools that the FactCheck team have built up over the past eight years.

Firstly, it offers deep dives and quick explainers across six broad topics which have attracted bad quality information:

  • climate crisis
  • society
  • migration
  • public health
  • conflict
  • elections

Secondly, it features a toolkit of guides, tips and tutorials to help audiences build the skills to recognise suspect or manipulated content both online and in the world around them.

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