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A consortium of seven European organisations, including the European Association for Viewers InterestCentre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom, the European Federation of Journalists, the European Broadcasting UnionJournalism et CitoyennetéLie Detectors, and Savoir*Devenir, has been selected by the European Commission to organise the first two editions of the European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy, Voices.

The inaugural edition of the Festival will take place on 14-15-16 March 2024 at the iconic Leopolda Station in Florence. Voices will travel across different European cities every year, and EAVI will be responsible for coordinating all the media literacy activities.

The Festival marks a new departure from previous initiatives in the field, promising to bring fresh perspectives and insights to the forefront of media discourse. It also sets out to become an important platform for dialogue and exchange, connecting journalistic and media literacy communities with European citizens.

From tackling media’s evolution in a rapidly shifting digital landscape to equipping citizens with the tools to navigate these changes, Voices will steer the conversation toward a more informed future. This will be achieved through curated sessions, interactive workshops, exhibitions, and networking opportunities.

Over two days, the Festival will explore the themes that shape our relationship with information and media today. These include media literacy and artificial intelligence, disinformation, elections’ integrity, EU media policies, digital well-being, and digital parenting, among others.

After Florence, the EU-funded initiative will embark on a journey across different European cities to spotlight media freedom and media literacy as essential elements for the functioning of our democratic societies. The second edition of the Festival will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, in February 2025.

Registration is now open! Sign up HERE to guarantee a spot for the festival’s main sessions.

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