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Tackling Disinformation and Building Media Literacy 

by Christina Nuhr, European Programmes Officer, The Wheel

Do you feel confident that you can recognise disinformation when you encounter it? Why do people believe disinformation? What role do social media platforms play? These were some of the pressing questions explored during The Wheel’s recent webinar “Tackling Disinformation and Building Media Literacy” delivered with support from the European Parliament Liaison Office.

Chris Coakley from the European Parliament kicked off the webinar with an overview of the EU’s efforts to counteract disinformation. He highlighted how the European Parliament and the upcoming EU elections are increasingly targeted by false narratives and misrepresentation, emphasising the critical need for vigilance and proactive measures. Dr Eileen Culloty from Media Literacy Ireland then delivered a session stressing the importance of distinguishing between various forms of disinformation. She shared practical tips on how organisations can build their own media literacy, effectively debunk false claims and promote accurate information. Finally, Dr Sara Singleton from TASC shared insights and outputs from their EU-funded project “Media Literacy for Democracy.” This initiative aims to protect democratic values by empowering citizens to make informed decisions, underscoring the vital connection between media literacy and the health of our democracies. 

Watch the recorded webinar here.