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MLI ‘Media Literacy Monday’ Webinars

As a result of Covid-19 restrictions, Media Literacy Ireland will not be hosting their annual MLI conference this year. Instead, we will host a series of five ‘Media Literacy Monday’ webinars.

With an overarching theme of ‘the Power of Collaboration’, this series of webinars will also explore how MLI member can continue to work collaboratively and remain relevant and effective in the future. Each webinar will be between 60 and 90 minutes in duration and will be recorded and made accessible online in the future.

Each webinar is open to non-MLI members so if you have friends or colleagues who might like to attend please feel free to share this information.

Webinar 1MIL without Borders. Monday 2nd November at 10am

MIL issues generally don’t observe borders and this session will explore what kind of collaboration is taking place at an international level that might help to the improve MIL outcomes in the long term across policy development, research, funding and project development. This session will also consider the evolving nature of media regulation across Europe and the increasingly important role that the promotion of media literacy has, as well as the future role that MLI can play.

Confirmed speakers include Celene Craig (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland), Urska UMEK (Council of Europe), Bronagh Walton (European Commission), Lubos Kuklis (European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services), Maria Donde (European Platform of Regulatory Authorities).

To secure your place please register in advance using this link:

Webinar 2: Who’s influencing who? A look at social media influencing in Ireland. Monday 9th November at 10am

This webinar will provide some insight into the world of social media influencers and explore what the media literacy implications are and what role MLI might have in promoting media literacy in the context of social media influencing.

For the uninitiated, there will be an introduction to social media influencing, followed by a look at the ethics of influencing and how the advertising code applies to bloggers/influencers and also gain some insight into the challenges and opportunities around social media activism. There will also be a look at social media influencing and children as well as a presentation on the ‘Full Picture’ campaign by Webwise.

Moderated by Christine Bohan, Deputy Editor of, speakers include Dr. Tanya Lokot, Orla Twomey, Lorraine Harton, Jane McGarrigle, Catriona Mulcahy, Fardus Sultan, Danielle Courtney.

To secure your place please register in advance using this link:

Webinar 3: News Literacy Now. Monday 16th November at 2pm

This webinar will explore what is meant by news literacy and the factors contributing to a news environment where the need for news literacy is more urgent than ever before. Bringing together international experts, this session will all also provide the audience with practical tips on improving their own news literacy and look at some existing and emerging tools and initiatives.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Niamh Kirk, Institute for Future Media and Journalism (FuJo), DCU
  • Dr. Ciarán McMahon, Director of the Institute of Cyber Security and author of ‘The Psychology of Social Media’.
  • Dr. Eileen Culloty, Institute for Future Media and Journalism (FuJo), DCU
  • Lisa Buckley, Communications and Programme Director, Newsbrands Ireland
  • Charles Salter, COO, News Literacy Project, US.

To secure your place please register in advance using this link:

Webinar 4: MIL Evaluation: Test, Iterate, Improve. Monday 23rd November – 2.30pm

Developing MIL skills can be similar to developing new habits and behaviours – which can be challenging to evaluate in terms of what works and what doesn’t.

Taking place on Monday 23rd November (at 2.30pm GMT TBC), the fourth webinar in the ‘Media Literacy Monday’ series will focus on the issue of evaluating MIL interventions. Hosted by Media Literacy Ireland (supported by the BAI), in collaboration with Ofcom’s Making Sense of Media team, it will explore the evolving nature of evaluation and consider why MIL interventions have proven so difficult to evaluate and how we might be able to better evaluate MIL projects in the future

To secure your place please register in advance using this link:

Webinar 5: The next chapter for ML: AI, Data and Ethics. Monday 30th November – 4pm

Today artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as machine learning (ML), are embedded in everyday communication services. But what is AI? What new MIL skills might be required by citizens in order to make fully informed choices in relation to digital products and services? This webinar will explore these and other questions and consider what future role MLI might have in supporting the development of MIL skills around AI.

To secure your place please register in advance using this link: