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Louth Business Network and Pennypop Host Media Literacy Workshop

The Louth Business Network, a free networking group, in collaboration with the marketing business Pennypop ( , recently hosted a dynamic media literacy workshop on 18 January 2024. The event, held at the Bru Digital Hub remote work building in Drogheda, drew a diverse crowd and saw enthusiastic participation from attendees eager to enhance their understanding of media literacy.

The Workshop in a Box was a comprehensive session aimed at providing participants with valuable insights into the world of media literacy. Covering a range of topics, including digital marketing trends, social media strategies, and effective communication techniques, the session equipped attendees with practical skills to navigate the evolving landscape of media in today’s business environment.

Open to all, the Louth Business Network emphasised inclusivity and welcomed professionals from various industries, entrepreneurs, and individuals keen on expanding their knowledge in media literacy. The event showcased the commitment of both the Louth Business Network and Pennypop to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the local business community.

Pennypop, brought its marketing expertise to the workshop, offering valuable insights into effective marketing strategies and the importance of media literacy in today’s competitive business landscape. The collaboration between Pennypop and the Louth Business Network underscored the significance of such partnerships in driving educational initiatives that benefit the broader community.

For those who missed the workshop but are interested in connecting with the Louth Business Network or Pennypop, the organisers encourage reaching out via email. (

The success of the Louth media literacy workshop reflects the growing importance of staying informed in an era dominated by digital media. By fostering events that promote education and collaboration, the Louth Business Network and Pennypop are making significant strides in empowering local professionals to thrive in the ever-evolving world of media.