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In Case You Missed It – Media Literacy Monday Workshop on Facebook & Instagram for non-profits

by Stephanie Anderson, Public Policy Manager Ireland at Meta.

On Monday, 29 November MLI hosted its final Media Literacy Monday webinar of 2021. This masterclass for MLI’s non-profit members from Meta (the parent company which was formerly known as Facebook) showcased how charities and non-profits can best reach their communities and raise awareness by using Facebook and Instagram’s tools and also highlighted Meta’s ‘Friday For Good’ initiative which is an ongoing resource for non-profits.

Meta is proud to be a member of MLI since its inception and is a strong advocate of its multi-stakeholder approach to promoting media literacy in Ireland. We are happy to support MLI non-profits through providing them with free ads on Facebook and Instagram as part of the Be Media Smart campaign.

During the webinar, I highlighted Meta’s commitment to fostering media literacy skills, through the resources we’ve developed, which you can find in our Media literacy Library, and our on-platform media literacy campaigns, such as ‘Stamp Out False News’.

I also spoke about how the company is committed to stopping the spread of misinformation across our platforms and how we use a combination of enforcement technology, human review and independent fact-checkers to identify, review and take action on this type of content.

My colleague, Nicola Murray presented our ongoing ‘Friday For Good’ initiative which supports non-profits in a practical way, through marketing advice, to help them raise awareness and gather donations. For more information please join the Facebook Group where you will find materials, regular updates and details of the next ‘Friday For Good’ workshops. Additionally, you can visit the ‘Friday For Good’ and Social Impact websites where you can find past webinar recordings and additional resources.

If you would like to see Nicola’s slides you can view them here: