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Funding Opportunity: Open Call for Innovation in AI and Media sectors

About the Project: AI4Media is a 4 year long project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Motivated by the challenges, risks and opportunities that the wide use of AI brings to media, society and politics, AI4Media aspires to become a Centre of Excellence engaging a wide network of researchers across Europe and beyond. AI4Media focusses on delivering the next generation of core AI advances and training to serve the Media sector – while ensuring that the European values of ethical and trustworthy AI are embedded in future AI deployments.

AI4Media is composed by 30 leading partners in the areas of AI and media (9 Universities, 9 Research Centres, 12 industrial organisations) and a large pool of associate members. It aims to establish the networking infrastructure to bring together the currently fragmented European AI landscape in the field of media, and foster deeper and long-running interactions between academia and industry. AI4Media will also seek to maximize interactions with relevant Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) across Europe and other national initiatives.

About the Call: This call aims to engage entrepreneurs, companies (e.g., SMEs, mid-caps) and researchers that regularly develop and integrate applied research in the field of AI, to develop new research and applications for AI, and contribute to the enrichment of the available pool of research and technological tools.

There are two project tracks targeted in this call:

  • Research: This track targets academia and researchers working in AI / Media to increase the value of AI4Media ecosystem by developing and integrating new research in AI media domains. Projects funded will run for 12 months and receive up to €50,000 each.
  • Application: This track targets entrepreneurs and companies to develop innovative AI applications for the media sector by building on the research coming out of AI4Media or by adopting AI solutions from other sectors to the media sector. Projects funded will run for 9 months and receive up to €50,000 each.

The call runs from September 2021 to 5pm (CET) on 1 December 2021.