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Be Media Smart about COVID-19

COVID-19 dominates a large part of our lives at the moment and we know that we all have a part to play in fighting the virus. In addition to the HSE recommendations (washing hands, physical distancing and respiratory etiquette), MLI members can also help to fight the virus of misinformation circulating in relation to COVID19.

This time last year we were working together to promote the ‘Be Media Smart’ message and asking people to ‘Stop, Think and Check’ the information they were getting. This advice is more important now than ever. With that in mind we are encouraging all MLI members to use the Be Media Smart resources that were distributed last year (the TV ad, the radio ads, the social media assets) in the most appropriate way to get the message out to their audiences and networks.

We would kindly ask you to:

1 – Please encourage your networks to find their COVID-19 information from official sources (HSE, WHO, Government)

2 – Please share the Be Media Smart message and tips in relation to all other COVID-19 information (Be Media Smart – STOP, THINK, CHECK)

3 – Please share any new and relevant resources with us so that we can add it to the MLI website and the Be Media Smart website.

Over the coming days and weeks we will keep you posted about what members are doing. Using the MLI website is the easiest way to submit information and promote what you are doing. Please note that you must fully complete your profile to facilitate processing and incomplete profiles may result in delayed registration and only limited guest access to the site.

The Media Literacy Ireland Twitter and Be Media Smart Facebook accounts will also be sharing messages and tips. Follow us:

@BeMediaSmart Facebook // @MedialitIreland // #StopThinkCheck

If you have any questions, or suggestions on how we can work together to promote the Be Media Smart message at this critical time, please do get in touch.

Together, (apart) we can do our bit to help the fight against COVID19.