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Webinar on Media Literacy in Europe: Ireland

Focusing on Media Literacy in Ireland this month, the webinar will start with an Introduction to Media Literacy in Ireland. During this part of the webinar, Stephanie Comey, Senior Manager in the BAI with responsibility for Media Literacy, will provide an overview of the status of Media Literacy in Ireland, describe the relevant policy framework and the extent to which media literacy is supported and promoted in an educational context.

Stephanie’s contribution will be followed by a look at Media Literacy practices and experiences in Ireland where viewers will be introduced to several media literacy projects and initiatives taking place in Ireland with contributions from:

The final part of the programme will be News and updates on media literacy across Europe with a round-up of news and information about media literacy activities in different countries including new developments, initiatives and research findings.

Moderators and hosts: Maarit Jaakkola, Nordicom and Sally Reynolds, Media & Learning Association.