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Subject: I am looking for information/stories related to media literacy

Digital News Report 2023

The most recent Digital News report shows new insights on digital news consumption based on a survey of over 93,000 online news consumers in 46 markets covering half of the world’s population. The material is useful for people who want to have a better understanding of the current state of digital news consumption around the

Scrolling news: the changing face of online news consumption

In this report, Ofcom used a variety of methods to gain an insight into the online news landscape and how people consume online news. The use of social media as people’s main route to access news blurs the boundaries between news, entertainment, and social content, which creates difficulty in thinking critically when it comes to

Inoculation Science

This website from the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab. provides games, videos and research explaining inoculation theory and how it helps build resistance against manipulation. 

Finland and the war on fake news

This special report by CNN explores how Finland is tackling the disinformation problem by developing a multi-pronged, cross-sector approach to prepare citizens of all ages for the complex digital landscape of today and tomorrow. Please click on the link below to access the content:

The Journal Fact-Checking section

On this page users can find examples of false information/news that have been assessed and debunked by the fact-checking team at the Journal. Click on the link below to access the content: