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Phase Two of the YouVerify MOOC is now open!

Following the success of phase 1 of this free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) where more than 1700 registered for phase 1 of the course, phase 2 was launched on February 14, 2022.

New features include:

– 2 training paths. Path 1 focusses on understanding visual disinformation and exploring its challenges. Path 2 focusses on setting up concrete Media and Information Literacy projects to fight visual disinfomation.

– 2 new serious games called “Bot Busters” & “Permit to think”

– Updated content and new activities.

Who is it for? This MOOC is open to anyone interested in disinformation. In particular, educators, facilitators, teachers, librarians, journalists and continuing education professionals. Participants will benefit from online modules, weekly webinars and daily exchanges between peers and delivered in three languages (French, Spanish and English).