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New EDMO taskforce on disinformation about war in Ukraine

A new taskforce has been established to focus on disinformation about the war in Ukraine in EU and EEA countries, as well as the western Balkans. The taskforce will be collecting and sorting material and approaches such as fact-checking, investigations, rapid analysis, and research on disinformation campaigns, as well as specific media literacy initiatives.

The aim of the taskforce is to identify relevant datasets needed to understand the disinformation campaigns.

“The EDMO taskforce will aim at maximising the impact of the good work being done already by independent actors across Europe by gathering, cataloguing, and sharing fact-checked information, as well as analysing and investigating disinformation narratives and campaigns. Quickly identifying and understanding disinformation trends in the current crisis helps to foster societal resilience and inform policymaking”.

Taskforce Chair Claire Wardle, Executive Director of First Draft

The EDMO taskforce recently called for information about media literacy initiatives on disinformation in the war in Ukraine. These initiatives are taking diverse forms, including teacher training resources, development of curriculum materials, guidance on talking to children, targeted policy and funding decisions, awareness-raising campaigns, public service or private sector industry initiatives, public opinion surveys on population beliefs, research on enhancing critical literacy, encouraging fact-checking in the population, and more.

The data collected will help understand the MIL initiatives that are taking place, including their scale, the main actors involved and the target audience, as well as gaps, if any. The results of this exercise, including the information collected, will be published and accessible on the EDMO website.