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Libraries hosting new edition of The Glassroom Exhibition

What happens when we increasingly rely on social media and the web for nearly all our information? What information do we see, and what do we miss? How do we know if a picture or a tweet is genuine or truthful? And what can we do if we can’t be sure?

The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition is a new eye-catching, self-learning installation on data and privacy. Developed by Tactical Tech in collaboration with a number of European partners, including IFLA and Science Gallery Dublin, as well as being co-funded by the European Union, it covers topics like mis-, dis- and malinformation, technologic dependency, the rise of deep fakes and understanding how and why misinformation spreads.

Version 1 was hosted in October 2020, online, with a series of workshops designed around it by with Ricardo Castellini, which can be found on Youtube.

This version of the exhibition, currently being hosted by Kildare Libraries, Meath Libraries and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Public Library, includes new elements both hardcopy and digital, and the exhibition can also be found online here: