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International Fact-Checking Day

International Fact-Checking Day, promoted by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) in partnership with fact-checking organisations around the world, takes place on April 2.

Fact-Checking Day is an annual celebration and rallying cry for more facts in public health, journalism, and everyday life.

The website offers tip sheets and a reading list for everyday media consumers, course material for high school and college students, an interactive quiz, and more.

To participate in the global conversation on April 2 follow @factchecknet, and #FactcheckingDay on Twitter.

For press inquiries, email Read about the previous edition of International Fact-Checking Day on The Washington Post.

The IFCN has announced three webinars. On April 4, there will be a panel discussion on the fact-checking community’s collaborative initiative to combat disinformation around the war in Ukraine.

The second IFCN Talk, on April 5, will focus on why fact-checkers are under attack, and how to respond to the harassment.

The last webinar on April 6 will be about IFCN’s grantmaking efforts to support the fact-checking community.

For more event details and registration, visit the website.