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Have Your Say: EU consultation on safeguarding media freedom in the EU

A consultation has been launched to collect views and insights on Safeguarding Media Freedom in the EU. Responses are being sought from citizens, relevant Member States’ authorities and bodies, academics, media actors (both private and public service media) and umbrella organisations representing any of the interested stakeholders. The consultation opened on the 10th January and will run until 21 March 2022.

The consultation aims to gather:
1) stakeholders’ views on the current and emerging problems related to media freedom and pluralism, with a
specific focus on obstacles/issues affecting the operation of the media in the EU internal market;
2) evidence and concrete data underpinning the problems identified, and
3) stakeholders’ views on the potential policy approach, options and impacts.

You can contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire. If you are unable to use the online questionnaire, the following email address can be used:

Questionnaires are available in some or all official EU languages. You can submit your responses in any official EU language.

For reasons of transparency, organisations and businesses taking part in public consultations are asked to register in the EU’s Transparency Register.