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Global Youth News & Media Prize

Teachers who help students learn about the importance of press freedom will be honoured by a special award in the 2021 edition of the Global Youth & News Media Prize.

​The Press Freedom Teacher Award will recognise excellence in assuring that students develop a thorough understanding of the crucial role of journalism in society and of the sometimes deadly risks for people who do this work. It will serve as the news/literacy category for this year’s prize.

Entries will be assessed by a distinguished, international panel of judges that will include both experts in the topic and past laureates. Among them will be Doan Viet Hoat, a Vietnamese journalist, educator, and democratic activist who spent 22 years in jail for his criticisms of Vietnam’s communist leadership.

Educators teaching any kind of course at any level — primary, secondary or university — can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else: colleagues, students, news organizations or NGOs.

Details are here about this prize category and how to nominate yourself or someone else.

Separately, producers of news for children who have excelled in explaining important pandemic issues will be honored by this year’s Global Youth & News Media Prize.

The Journalism Award of the Prize this year will recognize innovation in coverage on any platform about the COVID-19 pandemic for children. The award will recognize breakthrough reporting with, about and/or for this young audience that produces a clear, important impact, especially through a solutions journalism approach and will be judged by an international jury of experts in science, journalism and childhood education.

Further details and registration information can be found here.