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Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2022

The theme of Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2022 is Nurturing Trust: A Media and Information Literacy Imperative. Taking place from 24 – 31 October, Global MIL Week, the global community is called upon not only to reaffirm and increase commitment to media and information literacy for all but also to develop new initiatives on media and information literacy to nurture trust.

There is a growing disconnect between people and the institutions that serve them… an ever deeper crisis of trust fomented by a loss of shared truth and understanding.

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

MIL practitioners are invited to organise online/offline local events or activities related to Media and Information Literacy in their community or region and register the events and activities on the official Global MIL Week website.

A central part of Global MIL Week is the Feature Conference and Youth Forum which will take place in Nigeria. Running across 5 days with around 200 speakers there are High Level Plenary Sessions, multiple Parallel Sessions and Special Sessions. For more information refer to the conference agenda. The full conference can be accessed online. Register here:

In Ireland, MLI members are getting involved in a variety of ways.

On Monday 24th, Webwise will launch a new audio series ‘Casting the Net’ and MLI National Coordinator, Martina Chapman will participate in the UNESCO conference parallel session Media and information literacy: Community journalism for better communities’.

On Tuesday, MLI Co-Chair, Stephanie Comey will contribute to the European Commission’s key event by participating in the panel discussion exploring ‘Media Literacy in Times of Crisis – Promoting Trust and Cohesion’.

On Wednesday, MLI Steering Group member, Susan Daly, will be participating in a special Twitter Spaces at 10.30am

Thursday 27th is a buy day for MLI with two separate events taking place. At 10am, MLI will co-host with Google a Roundtable discussion on media literacy and online safety on the theme of ‘Nurturing Trust: Media and Information Literacy Research and Building an Evidence Base’.

At 3pm MLI in collaboration with EDMO and the Ireland EDMO Hub will present the webinar ‘Nurturing Trust by evaluating impact: Why understanding what works in MIL interventions is essential’. Registration is still open.

So, something for everyone this Global Media and Information Literacy Week!