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EDMO training series on Election Integrity

Ahead of the European Parliament elections, EDMO has launched a training series on election integrity.

Module 1: Elections Integrity on Online Platforms: What to Expect and How to Engage

In 2023, the Integrity Institute Elections Integrity Working Group released best practices for online platforms’ elections integrity efforts (Part 1 & Part 2). These resources are primarily aimed at platforms, but offer valuable information for civil society and regulators to understand what to look for from platforms around elections, what external stakeholders can be advocating for platforms to be doing, and what the entry points might be to interact with platforms effectively to address the challenges related to the electoral context. With elections in Europe scheduled throughout 2024, including for European Parliament, this training is offered to EU-based non-platform stakeholders to share the insights from the Elections Integrity Best Practices resources. The information provided in the training will help these stakeholders better understand how platforms can and should be undertaking election integrity work, and how they can advocate for better practices, and more effectively interact with platforms.

This training is aimed at European civil society organizations, academic researchers, and EU regulators/policymakers and will take place on March 7 from 2pm – 3.30pm GMT. Please apply here before Friday 1 March 2024, 9am

Module 2 – Training for journalists ahead of the European Parliament elections

The first part of the training module will focus on ‘The Challenge of EP news coverage’,  identifying patterns and challenges for journalists in covering the European Parliament elections and how to mitigate such challenges. The training will present differences in approach to covering EP elections in different countries and discuss possible barriers, including economic, political and within news organizations.

Building on the work of the EDMO Task Force on the 2024 EP elections set up to monitor and counter attempts to condition and undermine public confidence in the democratic process, the second part of the training module will present useful information and monitoring tools already made available by EDMO. In particular, the training will present EDMO publications that can be useful for monitoring disinformation ahead of the EU elections, namely the EDMO monthly briefs, the EDMO Task Force reports and EDMO investigations.

The target audience for this training module is journalists, but other stakeholders working in the counter-disinformation field are also welcome to apply. It will take place on March 18 from 2.30pm to 4pm. Please apply here before Friday 8 March 2024, 9am