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Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship Special Interest Group calling for participation in their open session at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Dublin

In this session, “Deepfakes: Manipulating realities, misinformation, detection, legal and ethical matters, and professional responsibility,” we will explore the technology behind deep fakes and other digital forms of fake news. Invited speakers will discuss these topics, their ethical and legal implications, and how these technologies can be detected and uncovered. The theme for this call is: “The Technology Behind Media Misinformation: The Creation, Detection, and Investigation of Fake News.”

The full Call for Participation can be found here:

For this new, challenging and technically oriented topic, please assist us in sharing this post beyond the library community, to ensure we have participants with a wide range of knowledge and disciplines.

Abstracts are due March 25, 2020 and should be submitted to:

Jenny Mackiewicz ( and John Wang (