Published: 2016


Vitor Tome and Belinha de Abreu


Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson S.p.a


Understand & Evaluate, Access & Use, Create & Participate

Research — Journal

Developing digital citizenship in children aged from 3 to 9 – a pilot project in the Portuguese region of Odivelas

The paper focuses on the project «Digital Citizenship Education for Democratic Participation» (2015-2018), which centers on empowering children (aged 3 to 9) in three related contexts: family, school and community. 25 Preschool and Primary school teachers were trained to develop digital media literacy activities involving 366 of their students. Activities focused on producing and discussing on media, online news analysis, communicating and learning through media and advertisement critical analysis. In March 2016, a longitudinal action research was carried out involving eight out of the 25 teachers who agreed to develop digital citizenship activities with their students. Parents and their children were interviewd on digital literacy practices and mediation, as well as the boards of local community entities dealing with children. Results showed that through professional development training, teachers were able to develop digital literacy activities without deviating from their previous pedagogical plans.

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