May 28 2022
11:00am — 1:00pm

LexIcon Lab, Level 3 dlr LexIcon Haigh Terrace A96 H283 Moran Park

Smart Phones Smart Habits Workshop

This workshop is for parents and children aged 10-12, who have either a smart device, or will have one soon, and want to learn how to develop good habits and boundaries with phones.

This workshop for children aged 10-12 and their parents is focused around habits, how they are formed, forming good habits and learning to set boundaries with our phones.

It will look into the many ways our phones have been designed to grab our attention and we look at a few ways we can outsmart our smart phones.

This workshop is part of The Glassroom: Misinformation Edition exhibition and its Data Detox kit, whose leaflets can be found in dlr libraries currently, and is designed by Tactical Tech.

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